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UN Special Representative said to help Myanmar in the way just as Ukraine

UN Special Representative said to help Myanmar in the way just as Ukraine

Tom Andrews, the special representative for human rights in Myanmar, said that Russia is supplying military equipment to the military council, which is crushing the people of Burma and the armed resistance forces, and is working to make Myanmar a failed state. He said in an interview with The Guardian newspaper.

Tom Andrews, referring to Russia's arms support after the coup, said that the military council is using the military equipment of Russia that is killing the people of Ukraine to kill the Myanmar’s citizens.

Tom Andrews said that the international response to the Myanmar issue is insufficient and some countries continue to support the brutality of the coup army, and he also asked the military council to ban the sale of military equipment as well.

He did not call for military aid to Burma, but he urged them to take decisions that go beyond sanctions and to prevent military weapons from reaching the Military Council.

The US and EU member states have imposed sanctions on the leaders of the military council and their associated businessmen and companies, but the military council still receives military equipment and jet fuel from countries such as Russia and China, as well as some Western companies.

Therefore, the revolutionary forces criticised the so-called sanctions as being ineffective for the revolution.

The headquarters of ethnic armed groups participating in the revolution, including the headquarters of the Chin National Front (CNF) on the India-Myanmar border, and civilians are facing daily air threats from the military council.

Western countries are providing financial and military support to Ukraine in order to push back against Russia, which has a large military arsenal.

The Special Representative said that some people in Burma have questioned him about why the international response to the Ukraine and Burma issues is different, but he does not have an answer. NUG Foreign Minister, Daw Zin Mar Aung, said in an interview with Reuters after her trip to the United States last February that the people of Ukraine and Burma are fighting for democracy and freedom, so the basic principles are the same.

In addition, Daw Zin Mar Aung urged that international economic sanctions and individual targeted sanctions are not enough, so more measures need to be taken.

U Kyaw Zaw, the spokesperson of the NUG presidential office, also asked the revolutionary forces and the people to help Myanmar's situation like they did for Ukraine.

"The Burmese army is killing people. The Russian army is also killing people. Just as the Russian army is trying to take over Ukraine through violence, the Burmese army is trying to take over Myanmar from the people through violence. That's why we should give help to Ukraine, for the war of resistance and revolution. As in Ukraine, humanitarian aid should be massively provided.”

At the United Nations Conference held on March 16th, U Kyaw Moe Tun, the National Unity Government NUG's ambassador to Myanmar, showed pictures of the corpses of those who died as a result of the military council and called on the international community to save the lives of the people of Myanmar.

In Myanmar, the army, which has become dangerous to conduct operations on the ground, has been bombing villages and refugee camps from the air, according to local defence forces and aid workers.

Before the closed-door meeting of the United Nations Security Council held last day, Barbara Woodward, the British ambassador to the United Nations, said that Myanmar is the second most dangerous country in the world for civilians, and the people of Myanmar have been suffering for a long time.

Another thing that the revolutionary forces and pro-democracy people are unanimously demanding is for the United Nations Security Council to transfer the Burmese Military Council to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The Special Representative for Human Rights, Tom Andrews, is due to submit a report to the UN Security Council next week. In that report, those fleeing from Myanmar were arrested, being detained; These include being at risk of being repatriated, and being denied access to UN refugee agencies.

The military council usually replies to the news media that there were no attacks that harmed civilians. In addition, the Security Council has announced its opposition to further calls for the ICC.

According to the NUG's statistics, the military council committed 64 massacres across the country and 766 people were killed. As a result of the military council's attacks, more than 60,000 houses were burned down across the country, and according to the United Nations, nearly half a million people are fleeing the war.


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