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Union Minister Dr. Sasa delivered a speech at the (75th) Chin National Day celebration held in India

In a speech delivered by Union Minister Dr. Sasa, he thanked the forefathers of the United States of America for believing in the value of federal democracy for centuries and standing with the Burmese people in the darkest times.

It is also written that the perseverance and loyalty of the Burmese people who are courageously loyal to federal democracy is strong and no matter how brutal it is for 75 years, it cannot destroy the spirit of federal democracy of the people of Burma.

Today's (75th) Chin National Day is directly related to the (76th) signing day of the Panglong Treaty, and the Panglong Treaty is a historic treaty for the independence of Myanmar. In fact, Chin National Day was created to implement the federal democracy commitments in the Panglong Treaty, the Myanmar Independence Treaty.

If the Panglong Treaty was implemented in Chin State 75 years ago, Chin State would be like Indiana, a federal state of the United States. It is also possible to become a fully independent city-state like Hong Kong, which became the richest region in the middle of the world, and like Singapore, which today is the richest country in the world. potential.

Due to the 75-year failure to implement the Panglong Treaty in Chin State and the brutality of dictators over the ages, Chin State has become the poorest state in Myanmar today, and Myanmar is in a worse situation than North Korea.

The 75th anniversary of the Chin National Day is actually the day when the Panglong Treaty will achieve self-government. Although they are celebrating the day of self-determination and the creation of their own destiny, in reality, during the 75 years, Chin State has been oppressed in various ways by the evil tyrants who have lost all the rights of the Panglong Treaty.

Even before the colonial era, Chin State had its sovereignty and autonomy. A state that has lived for centuries with the right to self-determination and the right to create its own destiny, there has been no external administration except the British administration in the history of Chin State.

However, due to the brutality of the dictators, Chin State has lost all the rights of the Panglong Treaty, and today it has officially become the poorest state in Myanmar.

Not only did they attack to lose all the essence of federal democracy, but also the ancestors who have been revolutionizing for ages against the extremely cruel dictators who have attacked the Chin people to ethnic cleansing. We salute the bravery of all Chin national heroes.

In order to regain the federal democracy lost in the past (75) years and the independence of Chin State, the history-given responsibility of eradicating the tyranny, which has been a revolution since the time of our ancestors, has reached our hands today. It is necessary to carry out this responsibility given by history without fail.

In the past (24) months, brutal terrorist dictators have carried out at least 9,000 terrorist attacks on innocent people, and at least 3,000 innocent people have lost their lives.

President U Win Myint, who was democratically elected by the people, Along with State Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, more than 2,000 innocent people have also been unjustly arrested and detained. school church More than 5,000 people's houses, including the monastery, were brutally bombed and destroyed.

Along with numerous human rights violations, war crimes are being committed every day. Due to the terrorist military dictators declaring war on the people of Burma and brutally inhumane violence, at least 1.6 million people are suffering from poverty and poverty.

In 2020, less than 1 million people needed humanitarian aid, but today in 2023, more than 17 million people in Myanmar are facing famine and need a lot of humanitarian aid.

Pinky, [2/19/2023 1:29 PM]

About half of Myanmar's population is in a state of extreme poverty, and 1 in 3 (1) people in Myanmar is in a state of starvation, and the whole country is already suffering from a very serious problem.

Terrorist dictators not only have military weapons, but also hunger and thirst. thin head Many diseases and sufferings are being used as weapons and they are attacking the people of Burma with violence. The people of Ukraine, like the people of Burma, are fighting for independence and democracy.

In fact, the Myanmar issue is the Ukraine issue in Asia. Therefore, the people of Burma and the people of Ukraine stand together in front of freedom and democracy. Just as the people of Ukraine are fighting for freedom and democracy in Europe, the people of Burma are also fighting for freedom and democracy in Asia and are revolutionizing against very bad military dictators. The victory of the uprising is now in the hands of the people of Burma and the people of Ukraine.

The cooperation of all in order to achieve the Myanmar Spring Revolution as soon as possible, eradicate the military dictatorship as soon as possible, and build a new federal democratic state as soon as possible. continued assistance; prayer There is a need for support. What is especially needed is the (8) points of the Burma Act/NDAA law. A total of (23) resolutions of the UN Security Council (10) and ASEAN (5) resolutions are urgently needed to be implemented from all sides in Myanmar.

It is very important for relevant international organizations to cooperate carefully if they fail to implement the above (23) points on Myanmar soil so as not to cause further problems due to the failure to implement all the points of the Panglong Treaty. 75 years of Chin history. Myanmar cannot bear the consequences of failing to implement these (23) points.

The future of Chin State is in the hands of the Chin people, and the future of the Chin people depends on the Chin people's faith in the living God. hope Much depends on prayer. Asbury University, a university in the USA, took a lot of energy to see the awakening.

We would like to strongly urge you to pray so that such a revival can happen among Generation Z, and if possible, take at least one (1) hour a day (24) to pray for God's kingdom and righteousness.

The stronger the Chin people's faith in God, the closer they are to the great future that God has prepared, and if they continue to march forward with God, victory is not far away waiting for the Chin people.

Just as good defeats evil and light defeats darkness, the brutal military dictatorship will be eradicated by a federal democracy that gives you the full right to create your own destiny.

We wish and hope that Indiana State and Chin State will become fully twinned states. (8) points in the Burma Act/NDAA law; (10) UN Security Council resolutions; We strongly hope that ASEAN resolutions (5) can be implemented on Myanmar soil as soon as possible.

Also, it is hoped that they will be able to surround and prevent terrorist military leaders from attending the ASEAN Defense Ministers' Meeting Plus (ADMM-Plus). Detention within 75 years; pain poverty and suffering Death I hope that all the losses can be stopped and concluded as soon as possible.

I wish that the dreams of Chin State and Chin people will come true as soon as possible and that they will be able to experience a full life. In Myanmar, the violent military dictatorship will end as soon as possible, and ethnic, Religion Gender ethnic We wish the people of Myanmar, regardless of whether they are rich or poor, to implement and build the new federal democratic state of Myanmar as soon as possible.

(75) By achieving all the points of the Panglong Treaty that failed in the spring revolution, Chin State will be implemented as a Federal Democratic State and all Chin people will have the right to self-determination. freedom I would like to conclude by wishing you to enjoy your own destiny as soon as possible.


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