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United States Announces Additional $50 Millions Humanitarian Assistance for the People of Myanmar.

The United States announced that it would provide an additional fifty million dollars to Myanmar.

On February 16, the United States announced today that it would provide an additional $50 million in humanitarian aid to Myanmar's people who have fled their homes and are in need of armed conflict.

According to the analysis of humanitarian needs recently published by the United Nations, one in three out of Myanmar's 17 million people need humanitarian assistance.

These needs require a lot of support in 2023 after the military coup. Last year 2020, the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance did not reach one million, according to

USAID's statement.

Currently, in the country, since the military coup, the military council has been firing on the areas where resistance is being fought almost every day, so the locals are fleeing their homes, and some have fled between the two sides of the conflict.

After the coup d'état, the number of people fleeing the war increased almost four times due to the armed conflict in almost the entire country, reaching almost two million, according to ISP Myanmar surveys.

Therefore, with the increasing number of people leaving their homes in Myanmar, The United States will provide $50 million through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for emergency food and nutrition assistance as humanitarian aid to areas where armed conflict and food shortages are compounding existing needs.

This grant will enable USAID to work with the United Nations World Food Program to help more than 750,000 people in conflict-affected states address and prevent malnutrition.

In terms of support, monthly food rations, and children under the age of five, He also said that it would include providing nutritious food products for pregnant and lactating mothers.

The United States Agency for International Development continues to provide emergency life-saving assistance to people in need across Myanmar, who are peacefully working towards an inclusive democratic future for Myanmar.


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