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Up to 40 airstrikes in Chin State in April ...

Up to 40 airstrikes on Chin State in April

CNF said that the military junta committed war crimes because tens of civilians were killed.

According to the Chin National Front - CNF, there were up to 40 airstrikes by the military against Chin State in April, and up to 14 civilians were killed. It is said that since the number of civilian deaths is higher than the number of Chin revolutionary forces, they are increasing air defense in Chin land.

“Since April, the military junta has been using more and more airstrikes in the battles between the two sides, and there has been a significant increase in sudden airstrikes in civilian villages,” said the Chin National Front-CNF.

The last airstrike, on April 27, 6 miles away from the CNF headquarters, in the case of the attack on Thantlang village, two civilians were killed and seven were injured.

"The military junta is committing a war crime and mass killing the Chin people, who are the smallest population in Myanmar." said the CNF in a press release.

Currently, the air attack has become a major challenge for Chin State residents, and more difficult to get information as phone lines have been cut significantly this month.

Because of that, in addition to air defense education and the construction of bomb shelters has increased this month.


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