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Urgently needed vaccine for children fleeing the war in the Karen region and all over Myanmar

Urgently needed vaccine for children fleeing the war in the Karen region and all over Myanmar

Children around the age of five in the intermediate continuous education schools in Sagaing Division are developing chicken pox.

In some of the refugee camps in Yonal, Magway Region, children often suffer from diarrhoea.

There is also an increase in cases of skin itch in the refugee camps in De Maw So township in the Karean Ni region.

In the Chin mountains, due to lack of nutrition, anemia, Whooping cough is becoming more common.

These children are dying because of big weapons. The lack of body parts , lack of access to education; lack of access to health care; They are deprived of all rights, including not being able to eat enough food and being vaccinated.

According to data released by UNICEF in July 2022, from the beginning of the Covid-19 era until the military coup in 2021, 60 percent of children in Myanmar did not get the vaccinations they should receive from birth from 1 year old to even 6 months olds.

This number makes it the country with the highest rate of unvaccinated children in the world.

"Vaccines play an important role in stopping the deaths of children from vaccine-preventable diseases."

The United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF also said that vaccinations are needed to support them so that they can live a long life.

However, after the military coup that covered the country with bloodshed and armed conflicts, children in Myanmar are running and struggling to survive with their families.

Children fleeing war suffer from preventable diseases as a side effect of being deprived of regular vaccinations and surviving the war.

Those who are helping local doctors say that this could be a complication of not being able to receive the full vaccination.

Without any full injection of vaccination, people often hear that there is no more medicine

in places where armed conflict is escalating, and access to health care is impossible. It is impossible in Myanmar where there are people who rely on weapons and do not care about international war crimes and laws.

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) announced on January 2 that 5.6 million children in Myanmar are in need of humanitarian assistance.

This is only the list that was collected before the coup, and now that the civil war has taken place after the coup, the number of children who have not been vaccinated may rise to 90 percent, according to health workers contacted by DNA.

National Unity Government (NUG) to get vaccines, Dr. Zaw Wai Soe told RFA news agency in January that they are planning to inject vaccines into NUG-controlled areas.

In the same way, Dr. Than Naing Soe, the spokesman for the Ministry of Health of the Military Council, also responded to the media in July 2022 that he would restart vaccination programs for children.

NUG's Ministry of Health has warned that the infection rate of preventable diseases may rise again due to the lack of vaccines, and has issued guidelines regarding possible diseases.


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