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Vantlang village was bombed by aerial bombardment.

Vantlang village was bombed by aerial bombardment.

15 houses were destroyed when the military council army bombed, Chin State, Hakha, Vantlang village with a jet plane on May 2.

Reportedly, after a battle between the Military Council Army and the Chin Regional Defense Joint Force near the village of Vantlang on the Hakha-Gangaw highway, a plane bomb was dropped into the village.

"Since the military council troops came from Gangaw, we had to flee the villages along the Hakha-Gangaw highway. That's why only the house was destroyed when the airstrike hit the village. I think the airstrike hit the village mainly because the soldiers were hurt."

There are nearly 60 houses and nearly 300 people live in Vantlang village. He said that no one was hurt by the air attack, but all the villagers had to flee.

Last April 30, residents said that the military council army bombed the village of Chuncung in Hakha Township, six times with a jet plane.

Similarly, on April 23, a jet fighter dropped two bombs on the prayer mountain near Chuncung village, destroying Christian prayer houses, local residents said.

After the coup, the military council carried out more than 200 aerial bombardments in Chin State, killing 30 Chin civilians.


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