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Vietnam's ambassador to the United Nations urges Myanmar to stop terrorist attacks.

■ Vietnam's ambassador to the United Nations urged everyone in Myanmar to stop terrorist attacks, exercise restraint, and hold talks for peace.

Last Thursday, at the UN General Assembly's discussion on Myanmar, all stakeholders in Myanmar called for an end to terrorist attacks. We must take the maximum restraint measures and include all the peace measures that are in line with the wishes of the people of Myanmar. Vietnam's ambassador urged the United Nation to hold meaningful dialogues.

As for Vietnam, the situation in Myanmar, Vietnam's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that the ambassador expressed his concern about the situation, which is becoming a humanitarian crisis, especially for women and children.

The Vietnamese ambassador also urged all stakeholders in Myanmar to open the way for all those in need of humanitarian aid in accordance with international laws. The Ambassador said that Vietnam welcomes the efforts of Indonesia, which will assume the role of ASEAN chairman, and the cooperation between ASEAN and the United Nations in order to solve the Myanmar problem, and supports ASEAN's efforts internationally.

Internationally, the Vietnamese ambassador also urged for Myanmar's sovereign power to bring about dialogue and national reconciliation in Myanmar and urged them to provide assistance in a way that does not affect independence and territorial sovereignty.


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