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“Why Are You Dancing When the Whole Village Is Burning?”

“Why Are You Dancing When the Whole Village Is Burning?”

12th April 2023

This morning in Yangon, young comrades of Yangon Revolution Force - YRF Soft Strike Community hanged a banner which said, “Why Are You Dancing When the Whole Village Is Burning?”. This is the dialogue from the story called “It’s Not Over Yet, We Still Have Our Turn” filmed by the artists who stand with the people of Myanmar on the side of truth.

Now, the military council is preparing their best to celebrate “Thingyan Festival” in a grand manner in order to spread the propaganda as “Myanmar” is in normal situation under their military coup. Moreover, supporters of the military council are also persuading the general public in various ways to participate in those events. However, most of the people throughout the country are affected by the brutal war and the violence of the military council.

Therefore, we would like to request the general public not to go and participate in the events held by the military council and their supporters. The purpose of hanging the “Why Are You Dancing When the Whole Village is Burning?” banner is to remind those people who are well-understood and are aware of the current situation happening today but still will be going and happily enjoy the festivals held by the military council.

We assume that a revolution is to be fought not only with “Perseverance”, “Conscientious” and “Diligence” but also with “Compassion”. Until we possess the victory that people wish for, we request the general public to hold quietly if there are any celebrations of your own. The Uprising Must Succeed Soft Strike Community Yangon Revolution Force - YRF

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