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YFC provided food to NUG interim teachers.

YFC provided food to NUG interim teachers.

Sagaing Division, Myaung Youth Network - YFC Myaung group reported that some food was provided to the volunteer teachers who are teaching in interim education in Myaung Township.

He said that on June 23rd, 34 teachers who were volunteering in the interim education department of the Ministry of Education under the National Unity Government in 3 villages in Myoung Township were provided with food.

"We are only providing support as a network. We are not involved in the rest of the education system. We are educated people from all walks of life who are still learning who do not want a dictator. Part of the difficulty of teachers is that we can only donate because it is convenient," said a member of the executive committee of the Myoung Youth Network.

Four meals for each teacher, oil, salt and a large package of vermicompost was provided. He added that there are still more than 500 teachers who need to be helped for long-term stability.

The My‌aung Youth Network is a network of nonviolent civil disobedience to the dictator while helping and providing support to the academic children and the people affected by the fire. In addition to planting trees to preserve the environment, they are also working with strike members to oppose the dictators as well.


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