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Kachin State Polytechnic University (KSCU) first convocation ceremony

Kachin State Polytechnic University (KSCU) first convocation ceremony

Kachin State Polytechnic University (KSCU) first convocation ceremony was held at the Sinpraw Majoi hall of the KIO centre in Laizamyeon on February 25 at around 10 o'clock in the morning.

t the ceremony, the NUG government's Minister of Education, Dr. Zaw Wai Soe, and Deputy Minister, Mrs. Ja Tue Pan To, gave speeches, and then the chancellor of the university, Vice-Third General Suan Wong Gwan Maw, presented diploma certificates.

“KSCU is a university school that emerged out of necessity for our revolution. Dr. Zaw Wai Soe, Minister of Education of the National Unity Government said, "It is a university that meets the needs of the Kachin region, and it is also the first step of federal democratic education in the federal democratic union that we all want to go to."

It is reported that 63 students and 1 foreigner who have been taught subjects such as Burmese, philosophy, English, chemistry, Psychology, Geography, law, economy, history have been awarded higher degrees.

KSCU University Chancellor Vice-Chancellor Suan Wong Gun Maw said in his speech at the ceremony that the graduates today will have to carry out historical responsibilities.

"As citizens of Ko Nupto, we still have to strive for the right to create our own destiny. Experts in the revolution who are overwhelmingly marching together across the Union, Young professionals, CDM staff, are widely involved.You will also have to carry out historical duties, and during the period of the revolution and the restoration of the revolutionary period, the graduates will be proud of the quality of their work. They must participate with a strong spirit and try to improve the reputation of their mother university," he urged.

Students who were not allowed to study because they participated in civil disobedience CDM due to the military coup. Kachin State Comprehensive University (KSCU) was opened on September 12, 2022 to provide those students with higher education.


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