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More than two thousand residents fled due to an air attack in Kyauktada

More than two thousand residents fled due to an air attack in Kyauktada

On October 22nd, the Military Council troops fired from the air at the Nanza village group in Kyauktada Township, Bago Region causing some damage to some homes and causing more than two thousand residents of six villages to flee their homes. He said that all the residents of the villages of Nanza, Phoeta, Talaingkhin, Chauktesu, Chaungwa, and Nattalin in the Nanza village group were fleeing to safety.

A resident, who did not want to be named for security reasons, said that after the local defense forces attacked a 120-strong Military Council column near Phoeta village, they attacked the villages from the air. "At around noon, a mine was hit by a column going up from Talaingkhin. It wasn't long before the Mi-35 came to shoot around Phoeta village. They are shooting with big weapons all day." He said that some monasteries and houses in Phoeta Village were damaged by the airstrike, and the details of other damage are still unknown.

Locals said that there are six villages in the Nanza group, with a total of more than six hundred houses.

According to the statement on July 15, 2023, by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), after the military coup, nearly 100,000 residents (98,100 people) are fleeing from their homes in the east of the Bago Region.


Residents of Kyaukgyi Township, Bago Region, who were fleeing due to heavy weapons fire from the Military Council on June 7, 2023, (Photo: Citizen Journalist)


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