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NUG said that the ASEAN common agreement was not implemented because of the Military council.

NUG said that the ASEAN common agreement was not implemented because of the Military council.

The reason why the ASEAN common agreement cannot be implemented is because of the failure of the military council, and the place where the ASEAN support vehicle was attacked in Shan State is where the army of the military council and its allies are active, said a spokesperson of the National Unity Government.

The National Unity Government welcomed the ASEAN-Southeast Asian Nations Association's efforts to implement the five ASEAN Common Agreements.

However, because the military council failed to implement this common agreement, violence in Myanmar has increased, according to a person authorized to speak to the NUG.

During the ASEAN Summit in Indonesia, and whether ASEAN and NUG are ready to cooperate, U Kyaw Zaw said that he is also discussing with Indonesia, the current rotating chairman of ASEAN.

"We also welcome the ASEAN common agreement. We are also ready to cooperate. Because the military council did not implement this, there is more violence in Myanmar. As for us, we welcome the discussion of the ASEAN group. We are also discussing with Indonesia, the current chairman of ASEAN. We also welcome ASEAN's efforts to help solve the Myanmar crisis. "

He also said that the international community is urging the implementation of this common agreement in solving the Myanmar problem and that it will be effective if the framework is prepared for failure in practice.

"The ASEAN Common Agreement is a good foundation. But to expand better than that, we need to fix the framework and need to develop a measurable action plan. It will also have a time frame. I believe that this is the only way to achieve real success. Another thing is that the violence of the military council is creating a bigger problem not only in the entire region. Therefore, we should work not only in ASEAN but also in ASEAN Plus ways with friendly countries. "

A humanitarian aid convoy carrying ASEAN diplomats was attacked in Sisai Township, southern Shan State, during the implementation of the five-point ASEAN Common Agreement.

U Kyaw Zaw said that the place where he was attacked was controlled by the military council.

"Leading from the ASEAN AHA Center, there is a position where we can start a little bit, but from the military, these activities are not successful either directly or directly. Indirectly, there is interference. Just before the ASEAN Summit, a convoy of officials from the ASEAN AHA Center (ASEAN Coordination Center for Humanitarian Aid) was shot at in an area under the control of the military. This is where the army and its ally, the PNO militia, are active. There is no one else.

Indonesia, the current chairman of ASEAN, said that the situation was good for humanitarian assistance, but soon after, it was attacked by terrorists, so the military council is hindering humanitarian assistance." He also said that there were no PDFs where the convoy was attacked.

The military council media reported that on May 7, "terrorists" armed with small arms attacked a convoy sending aid to war victims in Sisai Township, Shan State.


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