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On the third day of the operation, the three northern groups said that they were able to recapture

On the third day of the operation, the three northern groups said that they were able to recapture seven military bases.

■ On the third day of Operation 1027, in which the three ethnic armed twin alliances and the People's Defense Forces are conducting a joint military operation, seven military council camps were captured, the three twin groups announced at noon today, October 29.

At four o'clock this morning on October 29th, the 2nd Brigade of the Taang National Liberation Army (TNLA) in northern Shan State. Nung Cho Township, He said that he was able to seize the camp of the Military Council of Kyauk Khoo village.

In addition, the Sinny police station, Marchino Military Council Camp Two military council camps on the eastern side of Lashio city. According to the statement of the three brothers, the military council camp of Ha Chwe Khae in Chin Shwe Ha Township and the Nam Myam Military Council camp in Mong Ko District were confiscated.

He said that the battle between the two sides was also fierce near the village of Upper Nyongone in Mokok Township, Mandalay Region, and the Military Council troops carried out airstrikes.

The damage to both sides of the camps was not described in detail.

In this morning's battle, an airstrike by the military council resulted in a house being hit and damaged in Mali Lin village in Lauk Kai township, and houses in Nyo Phin Sipa village in Kulong township were also damaged, he said.

As of the evening of October 28, according to the statements of the three twin alliances, they said that within 24 hours of the start of the 1027 operation, more than 40 military council camps were captured.

Major General Zaw Min Tun, who was allowed to speak at the military council, said Chin Shwe Hao, hold Shinni, On October 27, some local media reported that fighting took place in Kumlong and Lashio townships, and some police and military personnel from the Chin Shwe Hao Wharf and Tap Bridge outposts were injured.

The three-armed groups of the Northern Alliance, the Kokang Army (MNDAA); The Taeng National Liberation Army (TNLA) and the Rakhine Army (AA) announced Operation No. (1027) and attacked Kumlong, including Lashio City. Shinni, Chin Shwe Ha, hold Namkham, On October 27th, military council camps in big cities such as Kut Khaing were attacked from 4:00 am.

1027 Operation MNDAA, In addition to the TNLA and AA, the Mandalay People's Defense Army MDY-PDF; Burma People's Liberation Army (BPLA); The People's Liberation Army (PLA) is participating.


2023. On October 28, when it was attacked and captured. (Screenshot: The KoKang)


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