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The army of the military council burned the village of Padu five times.

The army of the military council burned the village of Padu five times, and about 10,000 residents did not dare to return home.

The military council troops are burning in Sagaing Division, Civilian-owned homes in Padu village, north of Sagaing city this morning, and about 10,000 residents of the nearby villages are still fleeing because they have not dared to return home.

"The village of Padu was burned yesterday and this morning. So, it has been burned five times. Some villages have been burned after entering the convoy, while in Padu, they are being burned through the police station stationed there. They are burning four or five times a day. The houses around the camp are being burned a little," said a local.

At the moment, the military council column is still in the village, so it is not known how many houses have been burned and how many residents have escaped.

Starting on the 4th of this month, more than 100 military council forces arrived in Sagaing City in two columns through Wetlet Township. It is reported that three villages, including Padu, Sintgaing, and Taline, have been burned down.

Because the Military Council troops are conducting raids and burning, about 10,000 residents of these villages are avoiding the war, including nearby forests and other villages.

"They started entering from Taungyin village in the north of Padu. Now the column is going around there. There are carts on the house posts, and they run away with them. They go to the jungles built to guard them while planting yams in the forest. Without them, they have to go to other villages," said a local.

On the 4th of this month, the military council column and the revolutionary forces clashed in Sintgaing village, and 13 members of the military council were killed and Comrade Nine Nine (deputy commander) and Comrade Thardin of the 3rd Battalion of Sagaing District were killed, according to a soldier of the 3rd Battalion.

It is also reported that after the military council column deployed the police station in the Padu district on May 19th, the revolutionary forces were able to attack the police station on May 22nd.

According to an independent research group, Data For Myanmar, released in March this year, 60,459 civilian homes were burned down in the country in more than two years after the military took over. Among them, there are more than 47,000 in Sagaing.

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