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The hunger strikers in Monywa prison are being punished in prison.

The hunger strikers in Monywa prison are being punished in prison.

Officials of the Monywa People's Strike Leading Committee said that political prisoners who went on a hunger strike at the Monywa Prison in Sagaing Region were banned from enjoying reduced days and that there are lawsuits in the prison.

Ko Lwin Moe Thant from the leading committee of the Monywa People's Strike, said that the hunger strike political prisoners are being prosecuted. "There are nine people who were sentenced to one-year reduced prison terms for their hunger strike. 17 people were prosecuted under Article 147 of the Penal Code for protesting by raising slogans because they did not organize anything during the hunger strike. It is the oppression of political prisoners."

Ko Lwin Moe Thant said Ko Phone Myint Aung, including Ko Wai Moe Naing, Ko Moe Kyaw Htet, Ko Nay Zin Nyein Htet, Ko Nay Than Ko Chan Nyein Aunv, Ko Ye Yint Thu, Ko Kyaw Soe Aye, and Ko Aung Thu Hein were sentenced to a reduced sentence of one year, and a case was opened against 17 other political prisoners under Section 147 of the Penal Code, which carries a maximum prison sentence of two years. A total of 26 political prisoners are being prosecuted in prison. Additionally, five prison staff, including the warden of the prison, U Win Min Lat from Monywa Prison were dismissed from their positions, and four corporals were demoted for six months.

Last September 8, 14 political prisoners went on a hunger strike after a multi-departmental search raided the Monywa prison and confiscated the belongings of political prisoners. After that, 50 political prisoners participated.

The protestors in the prison demanded that to return the prisoners' belongings that were confiscated, the freedom to send prison supplies without restrictions, and to take full responsibility for the health of political prisoners who were on hunger strikes. Six days after the strike began, the hunger strike ended on September 13 when the prison authorities agreed to meet their demands. Now, more than a month later, actions have been taken against political prisoners who participated in the hunger strike.

According to AAPP, 25,312 people have been arrested since the military coup until October 18, 2023, of which 19,593 are still in detention.


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