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Military Council Airstrikes in Kanbalu Result in Tragic Civilian Losses

Military Council Airstrikes in Kanbalu Result in Tragic Civilian Losses

KANBALU, April 11 - A devastating airstrike, carried out by the Military Council during the opening ceremony of a People’s Authority Office in PaZiGyi Village, Kanbalu Township, Sagaing Division, claimed the lives of approximately 100 civilians, including children.

Eyewitnesses reported that the Military Council launched an aerial assault using MI-35 and jet fighters at 7:00 am. The attack coincided with the opening ceremony, which drew a large crowd of villagers from surrounding areas. Revolutionary forces believe the Military Council had prior knowledge of the event, enabling them to target the PaKaPha office with precision.

Rescue efforts are ongoing, with one witness expressing concern that the death toll may rise. The Military Council has previously targeted civilian gatherings, such as last October's attack on an annual night concert in Hpakant Township's AnangPar area. That attack left 80 people dead and many more injured.

The current rescue operation faces challenges in identifying the deceased, who originate from various villages. Due to the possibility of further aerial attacks, rescue work has been temporarily suspended as of 12 pm today, according to those involved in the effort and local residents.

In light of 64 mass killings and 766 deaths since the military dictatorship, the National Unity Government has urged the United Nations and international governments to hold the Military Council accountable for its international crimes, including war crimes. The National Unity Government has also vowed to seek justice for the victims.

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