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The Minister of Defense said that he paid tribute to the young generation.

The Minister of Defense said that he paid tribute to the young generation who tried to free themselves from military slavery.

On September 8th, Union Minister of Defense U Yee Mon paid tribute to the generations of young people who fought for freedom from military slavery, on the 2nd anniversary of the People's Resistance and Resistance War. The greed for power and self-interested greed of the terrorist military group have destroyed the country and the youth have lost their future.

U Yee Mon, the Minister of Defense said, “The life of a military bondman is very dehumanizing. Under the military boots, they were deprived of human dignity. Young people have to choose whether they want to surrender to the life of a human being and remain complacent or fight to regain their lost human dignity.” The defense minister said tens of millions of Myanmar youth chose the second path, and the People's Defense Army was established with the leading participation of the youth and the revolution has reached a turning point after (2) years of the People's Resistance and War.

The Union Minister continued, "The most important thing is that we will have to improve the fighting ability of the forces that are already under the COC. For this, the battalion will be better organized in lines and strategies, better trained, and better able to obey orders. And we will have better weapons and strategy.” Therefore, the minister said, "We will have to strengthen our spirits and make a decision on the revolution and participate until the revolution is successful."

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